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If you are reading this website for the first time, it is likely that you have just taken your first steps towards a brand new you - may I be the first to congratulate you!

I am here to encourage you and guide you, and let you know that it really is possible to re-engage with your mind and body in a totally different way. In just 12 days you will feel refreshed, energised, and more in control of your life. You will see the physical results of a more toned body. Many people say they experience glowing skin and sparkling eyes, and feel enhanced mental clarity and joy. Many people also experience weight loss by following this programme, but this should not really be your primary motive. The Mind & Body Cleanse™ is not a quick fix that sees you working towards your beach-toned body only to go back to bad habits after the Cleanse! Instead it's the start of a long term life plan.

This cleanse has completely changed the way I look, feel, and think about life and myself for the better.
Will Floral, Fund Manager

Lighter, nimbler, more flexible, better senses, in summary I feel 10 years younger!
Hakan Wohlin, Investment Banker

Chris' Cleanse is quick and simple to follow and tailored for modern life. I could still work, look after my family and be with friends. I didn’t need to disappear to a remote place! His recipes are easy and delicious, and I found it all relatively pain free! I feel clear, light, bouncy and healthy.
Pascale Ascher, Company Director

I have lost a staggering amount of weight, having been made to feel wonderful as a consequence. I feel so much better in myself, my clothes are loser and I just feel flatter and less bloated.
Vanessa Vallely, Accountant

A powerful Cleanse to improve skin condition and help aid weight loss. Also great for people who are stuck in a dietary rut.
The Evening Standard

Thrilled to bits!! Start today, and see the results. Boy did I lose weight! It's easy to follow, no excuses for anyone with a busy schedule you do have time to do this! You won't get bored or hungry. My fridge has never looked so healthy, I am sure my insides reflect this. I would recommend this to anyone.
Kate Fleming, Acting Agent

I must admit that I am feeling full of energy and light. I do not feel hungry and do not crave for processed and refined foods.
Jamie Richards, Warehouse Worker

I lost so much weight and that was just a side effect of the Cleanse! I was told that the way I look at food would change and I was not convinced about this statement. I could not have been so wrong - Now that I know how great you can feel by eating proper food and not just empty calories. My whole attitude to food has changed and I plan to follow the Cleanse every six months.
Stephen Smith, Mortgage Broker

The resulting effects of this Cleanse were my skin was clearer, I had lost weight and encouragingly people commented on how well I looked. I’d highly recommend anyone who is looking to give their system a ‘reboot’ and revitalise themselves to give the Cleanse a go and find out the benefits for themselves.
Richard Roberts, Finance

This Cleanse has made me look at food and how we feed our bodies in a completely different way, and I feel lighter, more alert and more connected to myself as a result. The process has not been without its ups and downs but I genuinely feel like I am a stronger person going forward.
Ruby Warrington, Journalist

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