why cleanse?

Our body is designed to eliminate toxins. In an ideal world,
our liver and kidneys would be perfectly able to get rid of
unwanted and toxic matter. However, with our environment
contaminated beyond precedence, our bodies can become
quickly overburdened by modern lifestyles.

The body struggles to cope with the complex cocktail of additives,
preservatives, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, medicinal drugs,
and chemicals that are often present in our busy and stressful lives.
Consequently, over the months and years, this toxic load can start to
overburden our bodies and impact on our health and quality of our lives.

The Mind & Body Cleanse™ is a complete systems overhaul, and over
the course of 12 days you will be taken through 4 easy-to-follow phases and
you follow the nutritional guidance for 'clean eating.' This combination of clean
eating, intestinal cleansing and the supplements will start to rejuvenate every organ
and cell in your body to return it to a balanced state. The Cleanse does require a little
planning, commitment and a desire to change some bad habits that might have become
a part of your lifestyle.

Chris' Cleanse is quick and simple to follow and tailored for modern life. I could still work, look after my family and be with friends. I didn't need to disappear to a remote place! His recipes are easy and delicious, and I found it all relatively pain free! I feel clear, light, bouncy and healthy.